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Video:How to Make Chocolate Curls

with Jonathon Stewart

Want to make your desserts look like they came from a professional bakery? Try this easy method for making simple and elegant chocolate curls.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Chocolate Curls

Hi, I'm Jonathon Stewart for Food with today's 90-second quick tip.

Looking for an easy way to gussy up your chocolate desserts for esteemed guests? Try this method for creating chocolate curls, and your dishes just might be mistaken for works of the pros. Check it out.

Soften the Chocolate

White and milk chocolate are the easiest to work with in making professional-looking curls, but with a little practice, dark chocolate will readily curl as well.

Start by placing your chocolate on a plate and leaving it in a warm location for about an hour to soften just a bit.

If it's a warm summer day, letting it sit at room temperature works just fine.

Avoid Using the Microwave or Oven

Avoid using a microwave or conventional oven to soften your chocolate. Nukers tend to heat unevenly, and if you overshoot your softening time by even a little, you can end up with a chocolaty mess.

Put the Chocolate on Foil

For this next step, you'll need just one tool, a vegetable peeler. You can use pretty much any variety; just make sure the blade is dry, sharp, and a little warm as well.

Place your softened chocolate on a piece of parchment paper or aluminum foil, scored side down, and line it up so that it's parallel with the edge of your counter.

Cut the Chocolate With a Peeler

Holding the far end of the chocolate bar, pull your peeler from the far end toward you, being careful to mind your fingers and hand.

Some pieces will curl right away, while others may break off as flecks, which is fine. Using the tip of your peeler or a wooden skewer, move your curls and flecks to the side, then dig back in for more.

Use or Store the Chocolate Curls

If you're decorating right away, use the skewer to transfer the curls from the foil to your dessert, so the heat from your hands won't melt them.

You can also toss them in an airtight bag and into the fridge, where they'll keep for about a week. If you choose to keep them on your counter, there's a good chance they won't last five minutes.

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