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Video:Homemade English Toffee

with Cliff Wildman

English toffee is a delicious treat that you can make in your own home. See how to make English toffee dipped in chocolate and covered in almonds. You'll love it!See Transcript

Transcript:Homemade English Toffee

Hi, Cliff Wildman here with About.com Food. Today I'm going to show you how to make English toffee dipped in chocolate and covered in almonds. It's a delicious treat and you're going to love making them.

Toffee Ingredients

The ingredients for this recipe are two and two thirds cup of sugar, one pound of dark chocolate broken into chunks, three quarters cup of almonds, one pound of butter, one quarter cup of light corn syrup and one third cup of water.

Toast Almonds in Oven

First we're going to prepare a baking sheet. Cover in foil and spray with non-stick cooking spray.

Next preheat the oven to 325 degrees and then place the almonds on a cookie sheet and put them into the oven for about ten minutes until they start turning golden brown and become fragrant. stir these around every few minutes in the oven. when ready take them out cool them for a few minutes and dice into fine pieces.

Mix Toffee Ingredients

In a large sauce pan we're going to put our corn syrup, water, sugar, and butter. We're going to cook over medium heat, you want to stir this constantly to make sure that the sugar is dissolving and the butter is melting. Once you have it mixed together well, keep mixing it to make sure that the ingredients don't separate.

Boil Toffee Mixture

You see I have a candy thermometer here. We're going to bring this to a boil and then heat to three hundred degrees. So keep stirring and once it hits 300 degrees, we'll remove it from the heat and pour into the baking sheet. You can use a spatula here to spread things out to make sure it is even.

Cool and Cut Toffee

We want to let this cool for a couple of minutes and then with a knife, or in this case I'm using a pizza slicer sprayed with non-stick spray, and we want to mark the candy in lines where we want the toffee to break apart. You can make the pieces any size you'd like.

Once that has cooled for awhile, we can break it apart and you can see that the candy easily breaks into the pieces you've marked.

Melt Chocolate and Dip Toffee

Next we're going to cover these in chocolate so in a microwave safe bowl, place the chocolate and cook for one minute, stir, and put in for another minute, it should be melted and ready.

Now we'll use the same pan the toffee was in. you can dip these individually, into the chocolate here, I'm doing halves. Once you have the amount of chocolate you want, sprinkle almonds on top and let them set. That's the recipe. These are delicious, try them.

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