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Video:How to Make Votive Candles

with David Fisher

Votive candles are one of the easiest candles to make, and are also usually the first experiments that candle makers take on. See what supplies you'll need to begin making votive candles, then watch how it's done.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Votive Candles

Hi, I am David Fisher with About.com. Today we are going to make one of the easiest candles to make, and one of the first ones many candle makers start with: the simple votive candle.

Basic Votive Candle Ingredients

For this project you will need:
  • votive molds with wick pins
  • 8 oz of a votive blend candle wax
  • wicks appropriate for votive candles
  • candle fragrance and color

Votive Candle Supplies

A basic candle making set up, which include:
  • scale
  • double boiler set-up (this can be as simple as a pot full of water)
  • melt pot
  • sharp knife
  • chopstick for stirring
  • an accurate thermometer

Weigh the Votive Candle Wax

The first step will be to weigh out your wax and put it into your melt pot. Each of these votive molds takes about 2 oz of wax.

Melt the Candle Wax

Melt your wax on your double boiler and keep stirring it every now and again with your chopstick.

Add the Votive Candle Fragrance and Color

Measure out your fragrance oil. For these votives we will use about 3 tenths of an oz of fragrance. When your wax is about 180 degrees, pour your fragrance oil in and stir well. If you are going to add color to your votives, this is when you will do it. I am going to add a few drops of red color. Stir well.

Pour the Candles in the Molds

Set your votive molds in a stable place and we can pour. Set them aside in a safe place and let them cool. It will take them a few hours to completely harden.

Votive Candle Mold Tip

Now depending on the wax you are using, you may get a little bit of sinking or dipping on the top of the mold. There are two ways to fix this. You can either melt a little bit of your left over wax and pour it on top (like I have done with these two) or my favorite way to do it especially with these metal molds, is to top them off using a heat gun.

Basically, take your heat gun and heat the top of the candle until just the top melts. As you can see as it is starting to cool you have a nice even top on the votive candle.

Insert the Votive Candle Wicks

Now the really great thing about using these metal molds and wick pins is how easy they are to pop them out and put the wicks in. Basically, tap it on the counter and the candle should come right out. Turn the candle over and press it a little bit and the wick pin will pull out. Take your wick and insert it into the bottom. Give it a little press and there you are. Trim your wick and you are ready to go.

It is best to let your candles sit for a few days before you light them to get the best scent throw and burn time. Thanks for watching. For more information, visit us on the Web at About.com
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