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Video:How to Make Soap in Shapes

with Jennifer D'Amore

Want to learn how to make soap in shapes? Here, learn how to do this fun and rewarding activity.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Soap in Shapes

Hi, I'm Jen D'Amore for, and this video is about how to make soap in shapes.

Information About Making Soap in Shapes

Whether you're cold processing soap from scratch, or using pre-made melt and pour soap, you can go one step further in personalizing your soap by considering it's shape. The easiest way to achieve achieve a certain shape is to pour it into a pre-made mold. These are available as flat molds, where you pour individual bars, and vertical moulds, where you create a long piece of molded soap that you then cut into individual bars. You can easily find molds for basic shapes like circles and squares. You can even use chocolate making molds. Pillar candle molds with the bottom hole plugged, make great vertical molds.

Instructions for Making Soap in Shapes

To create your own vertical mold for circles, Simply use a piece of PVC pipe with an end cap. Pour into it, and make sure it's propped up as it sets. Put it in the freezer to assist in the releasing. Then it will take a little pounding, or a push from the other side to remove it. You can cut it into circle bars. But, another option would be to keep it in it's vertical form and place it inside a larger vertical mold, and pour around it, creating a layered soap. When soap has been recently set, it is still soft enough to cut into. You can use cookie cutters to create shapes you may not be able to find a mould for. You can can also carefully cut into the soap with a knife. Then, place those shapes back in their original mold and pour a different color around it.

Additional Tips for Making Soap in Shapes

Embedding is a great way to be able to use small shapes, and still have a substantially sized bar of soap.

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