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Video:Campfire Baked Potato

with Brent Rose

Learning how to make a campfire baked potato can add some fun to camping or an outdoor party. Here, see step-by-step instructions for cooking a campfire baked potato.See Transcript

Transcript:Campfire Baked Potato

Hi, I 'm Brent Rose for, and today I'm going to show you how to make campfire baked potatoes.

Ingredients for Campfire Baked Potatoes

For these recipes you will want:
  • Potatoes
  • Butter or a flavorful cooking oil
  • a Knife
  • -about 18” of Aluminum Foil per potato
  • (and ideally) a Cutting board
Optional Ingredients include:
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Garlic
  • Onion

Preparing to Make Campfire Baked Potato

Start off by thoroughly washing your potato in clean water, really scrubbing it with your thumbs to get any dirt, grime, or pesticides off of it. Then use a sharp knife to cut out the potato 's eyes or any other bad spots you don 't wish to eat. You can do this with a small pocket knife, just make sure it 's clean. Now, holding the potato by two opposing sides, carefully slice it in half, lengthwise. Make sure you keep your fingers well away from the blade. Open the potato up, and it should be a nice even color on the inside.

Cooking the Campfire Baked Potato

Now take a few slices of your butter, and lay them inside the potato. More butter will yield a more moist potato, and less will yield a drier one. At this point, if you want to add extra flavor, now is the time to do it. Sprinkling in a little salt and pepper is a fast and easy way to add flavor, but my personal favorite trick is to chop up some garlic, and place it on the buttered half of the potato. It 's like a shortcut to garlic mashed potatoes. Once you 've added everything, replace the top half of the potato, and squish it down a little bit. Putting the Campfire Baked Potato Into the Flame Now place the potato onto the sheet of foil, and carefully roll it up from one side, making sure the halves don 't separate. Then twist up the ends in the same direction as you were rolling. This should give you a nice tight package that 's ready to be cooked.Once the campfire has been burning for a while, use a stick to try to create a nice bed of coals, and push the larger, flaming pieces of wood to the back. Carefully embed the potatoes into the coals. If you have high heat resistant gloves you can do this with you hands. If not, just use some long sticks. Then use a metal trowel or some sticks to cover the potatoes with more hot coals, and leave them there to bake.Cook times will vary greatly depending on how hot your coals are and how thick your potato is. I left these in for 35 minutes, and they turned out perfectly. Sweet potatoes and yams will usually require less time. Flip the potatoes over once about halfway through cooking to ensure even heating, and then rebury. If your coal bed is shallow, and you can 't fully bury them, rotate them even more often.

After Cooking Campfire Baked Potato

Carefully check your potatoes by pressing into the foil in a few places. If the flesh underneath gives way easily and it holds a deep dent, it 's probably done. You can then take them out of the fire, and let them sit for about ten minutes. Potatoes will keep cooking even after removed from their heat source.Once they 've cooled down enough, carefully unwrap the potato. If it 's done the garlic should be cooked and soft, and the potato should be tender and flake easily under your fork. If you want to add a little more butter for mashed potatoes, now is the time.This technique also works great for sweet potatoes and for yams, but I 'd note that both generally cook faster than potatoes.

Variation on Campfire Baked Potato

Lastly, here 's a variation on this technique that will allow the potatoes to cook a little faster. Chop the potato into half-inch slices, then chop some onion into large flat slices. Put one slice of onion between each slice of potato, add some butter on top, then roll it up in foil, just as before. Bury it in the coals, and let it bake. This one only took about 25 minutes to fully cook, and it was very tasty. Thanks for watching, to learn more, visit us on the web at
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