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Video:Camera: Memory Card Overview

with Chris Davis

Memory cards are common essentials for digital cameras. Watch this video to learn more about the different types of memory cards and which is best suited for your digital photography.See Transcript

Transcript:Camera: Memory Card Overview

Hi I'm Chris Davis for Let's take a look at the different options that are available for digital camera memory cards.

Memory Cards for Cameras

Over the years since digital cameras were developed there have been several different types of memory cards, however, today the three most common are SD cards, Compact Flash Cards, and Memory Sticks.  Each card does essentially the same thing but is designed for different model cameras.

SD Memory Cards

SD Cards or Secure Digital cards are by far the most common cards available.  It works using flash technology which means that it can be electrically erased and reprogrammed.   They come in a few of different variations. SD, SDHC and SDXC.  SD are the original cards and have a storage capacity up to 2GB.  SDHC, which stands for High Capacity were developed to handle the needs of more advanced digital cameras and have a maximum capacity of 32 GB.  SDXC or extended capacity cards  can hold even more  with a maximum capacity of 2 TB.  All three styles look essentially the same.  You will need to check the label to tell them apart.  They are rectangular, with one corner notched at a 45-degree angle.  They slide into the card slot of your camera and lock into place with a firm push.  Not all cameras are capable of interchanging the three types of SD cards.  You will want to check your owners manual to find the correct type for your camera.

Compact Flash Memory Cards

Compact Flash Cards also use Flash technology which makes them reprogrammable and versatile.  They are available in two Styles: Type I and Type II.
The significant difference between the two is size and capacity.  Type I cards are thinner and capable of holding more than Type II cards.   Compact flash cards slide into the camera and click into place.  Be aware that type I cards will fit into a Type II slot but not the other way around.  So make sure you have the correct card.

Memory Stick for Cameras

The Memory Stick is exclusive to Sony products.  It too uses flash technology and is capable of holding large amounts of data.  The Duo Pro model can hold 32GB while the XC card has a capacity of 2TB.  

With all memory cards speed is important.  You will want to choose a card that will read and write quickly to keep you shooting.  SD cards for example come in different classes which you will see marked on the card.  The higher the class the faster the card.  However, high speed comes at a price.  These cards will be much more expensive.

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