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Video:Camera: Case Overview

with Chris Davis

The right camera case should keep your equipment safe, organized, and easy to access. Watch this video to learn more about your options for digital camera cases so you can protect your gear and investment.See Transcript

Transcript:Camera: Case Overview

Hi I'm Chris Davis for  After you have purchased a digital camera you will want to seriously consider what type of case you will need to carry and store it.  Let's take a look at a variety of cases.

Compact Digital Camera Cases

Whether you own a point and shoot or a DSLR with multiple lenses and accessories you need a safe, clean place to keep you camera.  Cases come in a variety of styles and sizes.

For a compact digital camera you don't need much.  A small bag that holds just the camera can be sufficient.  However, you may want to consider a slightly larger bag, with one or two additional compartments to hold spare batteries and an extra memory card.  These style bag usually have a shoulder strap as well that makes traveling convenient.  Although, a simple camera sleeve may suit your needs.  Your goal is to provide a clean location to store your camera.

Digital SLR Camera Cases

A case for a Digital SLR is different.  Depending on what you are doing and what accessories you need to have available you can choose a variety of camera bags.  The simplest and most bare bones case is a Holster.  It is designed to hold a single camera with a mounted lens.  Additionally it may have one or two pockets to keep extra batteries, extra memory and a camera cleaning cloth.  These bags have shoulder straps or a belt loop and are great for the photographer that needs quick access to the necessities.

Belt bags are slightly bigger than a holster case and are designed to be attached to your belt.  They typically hold a DSLR with a lens and have additional room for a spare lens and a flash.  They are great for action photography.  You have quick access with additional accessories.

Shoulder and Backpack Camera Case Designs

A shoulder bag is a much larger case, however, they do vary in size.  The advantage to a shoulder bag is space. They have multiple compartments and the interior can usually be reorganized by moving padded dividers.   This provides customization for each persons needs.  They are large enough to carry several pieces of equipment simultaneously while providing the proper protection.  Many shoulder bags are capable of storing multiple cameras and lenses as well as flashes and additional accessories.  Some models are capable of attaching a tripod to their exterior.  Shoulder bags are great for the photographer who needs access to a variety of pieces of equipment.  Although, they can get bulky and heavy during a long shoot.

Backpacks are the largest and most comfortable way to carry large amounts of camera equipment.  The weight is distributed evenly through out the pack as opposed to being slung over a shoulder or attached to your hip.  From the exterior camera backpacks don't look any different than a normal backpack, however, they are designed to hold cameras and accessories. Like a shoulder bag they have dividers which can be rearranged to keep items in place.  This style case comes in a variety of sizes but even the smallest can carry a large camera and several lenses. Backpack cases are great for the action photographer or someone who needs a lot of gear.

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