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Video:Camera: Battery Overview

with Chris Davis

The right battery for your digital camera can mean the difference between getting the shot and missing the moment. Watch this video on digital camera batteries for some options before you go on your next photo shoot.See Transcript

Transcript:Camera: Battery Overview

Hi I'm Chris Davis for  Powering your digital camera is as important as how you frame your image.  Choosing the right battery can keep you going through out the day.

AA Batteries for Point and Shoot Cameras

Unfortunately there isn't a universal battery type for digital cameras.  Different digital cameras use different types of batteries.  One of the most common sizes for a point and shoot camera is AA, however, not all AA's are the same.
Alkaline AA batteries are the least expensive and most common to find but they struggle being used in a digital camera which requires a lot of power.  As a back up they do come in handy but as a primary power source they are a poor choice.  Disposable lithium AA's are a better choice as a back up.  They hold at least three times the charge of an alkaline battery and in many cases much more and are designed for use in digital cameras.  One drawback though, is that they are more expensive.  Disposable AA batteries as a whole, should only be used for emergencies, constantly discarding them gets expensive fast.

Rechargeable AA Batteries

Rechargeable AA batteries are a much better choice.  NiMH or Nickel Metal Hydride batteries have become very popular option.  They are great for digital cameras and can be recharged anytime upwards of 750 times in a lifetime of the battery.   NiMH batteries are extremely powerful and can provide approximately 200 pictures between charges, depending on your camera.

Battery Packs for Digital Camera Models

Beyond AA batteries you will find Camera specific battery packs.  DSLR's will all have this option but more point and shoot cameras are using battery packs as well.  The packs are lithium ion batteries designed for a particular model camera.  They come in a variety of sizes and can be easily charged with a battery pack wall charger.  They are very powerful and long lasting.  However, because they are camera specific it can be difficult to find replacement batteries and they are expensive.

Just remember to keep your batteries charged and some spares in your bag just in case.  To learn more check us out on the web at  Thanks for watching

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