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Video:Tips for Stacking Tiered Cakes

with Susan Reid

Learning how to make a stacked tiered cake isn't difficult, but you need to know some basic steps. Watch this video to see tips for making the tiered cakes.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Stacking Tiered Cakes

Hi, I'm Susan Reid from King Arthur Flour, I'm the editor of The Baking Sheet, and I'm here for to show you how to stack a tiered cake.

Ways to Make Stacking Tiered Cakes

Now there are a couple of ways to do this. You can have the cake layers sit directly on top of each other. That works fine if your bottom layer is no bigger than twelve inches and the other layers are three to four inches smaller as they go up. Any bigger than that and you need to really put some support so that the weight of the cake layers don't sink down into each other.

Basic Tips for Stacking Tiered Cakes

The first thing you want to make sure is that your cake has a stable base that can carry the weight of the whole construction. A nice rigid Masonite board is a good place to start.

The second thing you want to be very sure of is when you're going to stack these cakes, do it in place. Do it at the place where the cake is going to be served.

More Tips for Stacking Tiered Cakes

To put these layers together, we're going to put support pillars down through the cake layer and put separator plates on top of those that are going to hold the weight of the cake. It's very important that those pillars are cut straight and not at a tilt, because they have to carry the weight of the layer above evenly.

To determine where your pillars are going to go, take your separator plate and press it gently into the top of your cake, and then use the X's that they left in the top of the cake as your mark for where the pillars are put in.

Using Dowels to Make a Stacked Tiered Cake

So I'm going to put the dowel into the cake straight up and down right where the mark goes. Now I'm going to take the separator plate and put the feet of the plate into the holes in the dowels to make sure that everything fits nice and tight, and then the cake layer can go right on top of its separator plate.

These dowels are cut just a little bit higher than the top of the cake. That leaves me a little bit of space if I want to put some flowers or decoration in between the layers, I have a gap where I can put the stems so that it doesn't have to dig into the cake.

Now that the middle tier is in place, I'm going to take these rigid drinking straws and insert them into this cake and they're going to hold the weight of the top layer. The top layer is not very big so I don't really need a lot of support here. So it's going to sit down right on top of this middle layer.

Finishing the Decorations on Tiered Cakes

Now that all three layers are in place, and this is where the cake is going to be served, I'm going to take a pastry bag and I'm going to finish the final decorations, so that the cake is looking as beautiful as possible so that the photographer will be able to capture it forever before it becomes dessert.

Make sure you bring along a cake first aid kit. You want to have some frosting that matches the cake in a pastry bag, you want to have an offset spatula, and a little extra frosting, because if for some reason it gets nicked or somebody bumps into it, you'll have the ability to fix it and you won't have to worry.

So that is how you stack a tiered beautiful cake. If you'd like to know more about stacking tiered cake, visit us at

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