How to Use a Piping Bag for Cake Decorating Video
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Video:How to Use a Piping Bag for Cake Decorating

with Kara Mickelson

Using a piping bag for cake decorating can help you to control your design. Watch this video to see tips for using the piping bag.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Use a Piping Bag for Cake Decorating

Hi I'm Kara Mickelson, Owner of I'm a personal chef and food stylist. Today I'm here with to show you how to use a piping bag for cake decorating.

Filling a Piping Bag for Cake Decorating

First, let's talk about how to fill a piping bag. To fill a piping bag, most people find it easier to line the bag in a tall glass or pitcher. You can begin by folding the bag down around the pitcher or glass, or you can use your hand like this. Add in the buttercream to fill about 3/4 of the bag full.

Holding a Piping Bag for Cake Decorating

Now let's discuss how to hold a piping bag. You’re going to hold the base of the piping bag, near where you’ve secured it or twisted it tight. That’s where you’re going to get your pressure from when you’re putting out the designs onto your cake. For large areas, use the piping bag filled with buttercream to just place the icing down on your cake, either between the layers or on the exterior part of the cake. Use the spatula to spread the frosting. This will become your crumb coat that you’re going to use prior to frosting the cake for presentation.

Creating Accents With a Piping Bag for Cake Decorating

Use the piping bag filled with buttercream or royal icing for decorative accents. If you want to change design without changing piping bags, use a coupler. Use larger piping bags for large jobs and work that is less detailed. For example, frosting a large amount of cupcakes, filling cupcakes or creating frosting layers between cakes. Use smaller bags for more intricate details such as piping royal lace and pearls or dots. Get creative and experiment on sheets of parchment paper before putting your ultimate skills to the test. I hope you enjoyed this cake-decorating segment.

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