How to Use Marzipan for Cake Decorating Video
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Video:How to Use Marzipan for Cake Decorating

with Kara Mickelson

Using marzipan as a medium for cake decorating is easy if you know how to work with it. Watch this video to see tips for manipulating marzipan to do what you want.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Use Marzipan for Cake Decorating

Hi I'm Kara Mickelson, Owner of I'm a personal chef and food stylist.

Why Use Marzipan?

Today I'm here with to show you how to use marzipan for cake decorating. Marzipan is used for decorative accents and in some cases to cover an entire cake or cupcake. The flavor of marzipan is generally more appealing and palatable than fondant or gum paste, as it has a nut base.

Working With Marzipan

When rolling marzipan, use a small amount of icing sugar instead of cornstarch, which will dry out the product and cause cracks. Marzipan is best used for small decorations like traditional marzipan fruits, or roses, yet it can also be used to cover an entire cake or add additional flavor under fondant, in between the cake layers. As an overall cake covering, it is difficult to control, and can be sticky and more temperamental than fondant.

Notes About Marzipan and Using it for Cake Decorating

Typically, marzipan is made with almonds and is off-white or almond in color. It can be colored to rich, warm hues, but a true white color cannot be achieved. It can also be made with other nuts such as pistachios or pine nuts. The fat in the nuts makes the marzipan more moist and slightly sticky, also when it dries it tends to crack. Be sure to use the product at room temperature, or the oil from the nuts will break though and separate. Also, store smaller completed decorative pieces in airtight containers, in a dry area at room temperature, until ready to place on your cake or cupcake. Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed this cake-decorating segment.

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