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Video:How to Use Fondant for Cake Decorating

with Kara Mickelson

Using fondant for cake decorating is a great way to get the smooth effect that you want on a cake. Watch this video to see helpful tips for working with fondant.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Use Fondant for Cake Decorating

Hi I'm Kara Mickelson, Owner of I'm a personal chef and food stylist. Today I'm here with to show you how to use fondant for cake decorating.

What Is Fondant Used For?

Fondant can be used to decorate cakes and cupcakes, as a cover over frosting or as accent pieces. Pre-colored fondant can be purchased, or colored fondant can be made by adding small, incremental amounts of gel or paste food coloring with a toothpick, until the desired color is reached.

Coloring Fondant

To color white fondant black, build color slowly by creating a dark green first, then add brown, and then black. Or, make it easy on yourself and buy a pre-made fondant with darker accents. Knead a small amount of vegetable shortening into the fondant before covering a cake, in order to minimize cracking. When first attempting to use fondant to cover a cake, start with a small manageable cake size.

Covering a Cake With Fondant

Measure the sides and top of a cake to confirm that you have enough product to cover everything, and add 1" to 2" to your measurements. Any excess can be trimmed off. The fondant should be thin enough to be malleable, and yet also sturdy enough to cover your cake. The thickness of the fondant will affect the taste of the cake, so try to get a nice coverage, without it being too thick. This will get easier with practice, although a 1/4" thick is a good standard to create a smooth fondant canvas.

Removing Air Pockets From Fondant

To remove air pockets from fondant after covering a cake, use a pin to release the bubble of air and smooth it out with your hands or a fondant smoother. Decorative accent pieces made from fondant can also be a great way to camouflage mistakes. Fondant is considered less palatable, yet easier to work with than its more sticky and temperamental cousin marzipan, so give it a try! I hope you enjoyed this cake-decorating segment.

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