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Video:How to Decorate Snowman Cupcakes

with Kara Mickelson

Decorating snowman cupcakes is all about imagination and details. Watch this video to see tips for making your snowman cupcakes stand out from the pack.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Decorate Snowman Cupcakes

Hi I'm Kara Mickelson, Owner of I'm a personal chef and food stylist. Today I'm here with to show you How to Decorate Snowman Cupcakes.

Supplies and Ingredients for Snowman Cupcakes

Here's what you will need to get started:

  • Rolling pin
  • Parchment paper
  • Cornstarch satchel or cornstarch in nylon
  • White fondant or gum paste
  • Pre-colored fondant to save time – in red, black & orange coloring
  • Royal icing or cake decorator’s glue
  • 1 inch circular cutter
  • Toothpicks
  • Deli cups with lids
  • Standard sized cupcakes with plain white or seasonal wrappers – make sure the cupcakes are baked, cooled, and frosted
  • Rosemary twigs, cleaned and dry
  • Unsweetened coconut flake or white sprinkles
  • Small paring knife
  • A fondant cutter

Instructions for Decorating Snowman Cupcakes

Roll the white fondant into 2 slightly misshapen "snowballs". These will be the base for your snowman. Adhere the snowballs with royal icing or cake decorator's glue. Roll out black fondant into a disc and use a knife or fondant cutter to create square-shaped eyes and buttons to simulate coal bricks. Roll and form the top of the hats creating a long cylinder shape and then trim to size. Use a circular cutter to create the brim of the hat and a smaller cutter to remove some fondant where the top of the hat will set. Add a small amount of decorator’s glue and secure the top portion of the hat to the brim.

More Instructions for Decorating Snowman Cupcakes

Adjust the shape to fit the snowman's head before securing the hat to the body. Create the carrot nose by forming a small cone shape and adding accents with a skewer or toothpick to simulate the natural grooves of the carrot. Bend the carrot nose slightly for a more realistic look. Now create the snowman’s scarf, using the red fondant. Adhere all the accents with cake decorator's glue or water and let dry till set and stable. Store snowman in a covered, sealed container until ready to use. Place a mound of coconut flakes or white sprinkles on the cupcake, leaving a small space for your snowman to sit on the buttercream. Add some additional coconut or some sprinkles to your presentation plate and top the cupcake with a snowman prior to serving.

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