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Video:How to Create a DIY Piping Bag

with Sidney Galpern

Making a piping bag for icing can be as simple as cutting the corner off a plastic bag or as sophisticated as creating a piping-tip coupler from a recycled bottle. See how to make a DIY piping bag in this cake decorating video.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Create a DIY Piping Bag

Hi, I'm Sidney Galpern. I'm a certified sugar instructor, and today, for, I'm going to show you three ways to make a piping bag. 

Tools to Make a Piping Bag

The tools that we're going to need are:

  • tape
  • parchment
  • scissors
  • plastic bag
  • plastic bottle
  • a piping tip
  • an X-Acto knife
  • drill

Folding a Parchment Piping Bag

The first way that you can make it is using parchment. I have a pre-cut parchment sheet here, and they sell them pre-cut in craft stores. It's cut into a triangle. Take three pieces of tape. You want the triangle so that it's pointing towards you. You're going to take one of the points, and you're going to fold it and curl it underneath, and make sure that the two points touch each other. Now I'm going to take the other point and I'm going to wrap it all the way around so that this point lines up with the two other points on the back side. And you're just going to tape together once on the outside, and then one more piece on the inside. Fold this point down and tape it to the inside as well. 

Fastening the Piping Bag Tip

Now this is called a coupler, and you put this on the inside of your bag so that you can switch tips if you need two different types of piping. So I take the inside piece, and I'm going to slide it down into the bottom. I'm going to feel where it ends, and I'm just going to cut. Take the band. Screw on the tip to the outside of the bag, and this will secure it in place. And now you're ready to fill your bag and pipe your design. 

Making the DIY Piping Bag

The easiest way to make a piping bag is to fill any kind of plastic food bag with icing, cut the tip, and then you can pipe with or without a piping tip.  So if you're more of a do-it-yourselfer, you can make your own bag and your own coupler. You're going to need an empty plastic water or soda bottle, and I'm just going to drill a hole in the top using a 3/8-inch drill.  Cut off the top of the bottle, and you're just going to cut off maybe the top inch or so of the bottle. So this is going to be your coupler for your piping bag. Take the cap off and put the bottle inside of your bag. Cut the bag about where the cap is going to go through. I'm going to take the cap, which has the hole in it, and I'm going to put my piping tip right through it. Screw on the cap. So I have my buttercream icing here. Put it on the inside of the bag. Now push all the icing down to the bottom, and now you can create your design. 

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