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Video:3 Easy Halloween Brownie Decorations

with Gina Miller

Want to learn how to make easy Halloween brownie decorations? Here, see tips and tricks for creating spooky looking brownies.See Transcript

Transcript:3 Easy Halloween Brownie Decorations

Hi I'm Gina Miller with About.com food here with 3 décorating ideas for Halloween brownies. First prepare several plates of brownies and let the cool.

First Idea for Making Halloween Brownie Decorations

OK, here's my first decorating idea: Bat Brownies. Using a cooking cutting in the shape of a bat, place trace the bat image onto a piece of paper and cutout for a stencil. Position the paper cutout in the center of an un-cut brownie batch. Sprinkle the the brownie with powdered sugar. Then remove the paper cutout for a bat-tackular effect!

Second Idea for Making Halloween Brownie Decorations

Next, Monster Brownies. Start with brownie squares.Ice the tops with Haloween colors.Add chocolate sprinkles for hair. Add chocolate candies for eyes. Then, with icing add facial features, mouths, and scars.

Third Idea for Making Halloween Brownie Decorations

And finally my favorite, Ghost Brownies. Place a medium sized marshmallow in the middle of a brownie square. Melt some colored icing and pour over the marshmellow. I'm using white icing to make a traditional ghost.Then with black icing add the facial features and let cool. Here's a tip: Besides ghosts, you can make all kinds of ghoulish marshmellow creatures with this technique. You can even combine icing colors for an enhanced effect.You can serve your Haloween brownies on a spider web platter for an added touch.

Above all, have fun and Happy Halloween Thanks for watching…. and for more information visit us on the web at About.com.

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