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Video:Top 5 Small Carry-on Luggages

with Abby Feldman

Small Carry-on luggages can be extremely helpful when traveling, as the smaller the size of your carry-on, the less likely you are to incur baggage fees. Here are the top 5 small carry-on luggages for air travel.See Transcript

Transcript:Top 5 Small Carry-on Luggages

Hey there, I'm Abby for Now, today travel can get very expensive and some airlines are even charging extra fees for checked bags. So here we're going to tell you about some great carry-on luggage that can help you travel light and be nice to your wallet.

Small Carry-on Luggages from Samsonite Are Durable

Travel light and in style with this durable suitcase from Samsonite. It's perfect for weekend getaways or business trips. With four wheels, it's easy to tote around and makes for minimal effort.

Inside there's plenty of room and organization spaces. A divider in the center allows you to separate your clothes and keep everything in order.

Swiss Army's Small Carry-on Luggages Include Plenty of Inside Organizers

Don't let the small size fool you. This practical suitcase form Swiss Army has given a new meaning to traveling light. The never-lost system allows you to attach a separate bag to this one, making your travel smooth and easy.

Inside you'll find endless organizing opportunities. Literally, everything has a place. Best of all, these compartments will keep your belongings tightly packed, allowing for plenty of room inside the bag. Still not convinced? This bag is also expandable, giving you the perfect amount of space while still traveling light.

Studio H's Small Carry-on Luggages Are Perfect for Business Travel

Smart traveling is made possible with Studio H's mobile office, an efficient luggage piece perfect for business trips. It's lightweight, water and stain resistant, and has an aluminum handle with a push button lock.

Inside you find multi-functional organizational compartments, perfect for your laptop and clothes. Outside there's a convenient back pocket that comes in handy for a newspaper, phone, and magazine.

Small Carry-on Luggages from Eddie Bauer Are Sporty and Roomy

Sporty, durable, and roomy: here's this Westlake Collection 25-inch rolling gear bag from Eddie Bauer. If you're packing a lot and without a lot of space, this is the bag for you. There's a bungee cord system outside the duffle allowing you to conveniently carry items on the outside of the bag.

London Fog's Small Carry-on Luggages Have Large Packing Capacities

The Buckingham Collection 21-inch expandable upright from London Fog is classy on the exterior and functional on the interior. The unique upright expands feature allows for 30 percent more packing capacity.

The bag even comes with a small clear attachable bag for toiletries, making it that much easier when traveling through an airport. Be sure to keep these in mind when you're preparing for your next trip.

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