How to Repurpose Old Pants for a New Wardrobe Video
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Video:How to Repurpose Old Pants for a New Wardrobe

with Heather Tyler

In this video, learn how to repurpose your old jeans into a new, fashionable item, with a few, simple steps.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Repurpose Old Pants for a New Wardrobe

Hi, I'm Heather with and today, we'll be demonstrating how to repurpose old pants for a new wardrobe.

We all know skinny jeans and tight pants are all the rage. Do you have a pair of old flare jeans that fit nice on top but feel way too large at the bottom? We certainly did –and here, we'll show you how to cinch those flares for a tight fit.

What You'll Need

  • Pins
  • Tape Measure
  • Buttons (larger kinds look best, or try to match other buttons on the jeans. Needle & thread - and a threader if you need one).

For this task, you'll find it helpful to have a friend assist you, at least in the initial pinning. Your first step is to find where the jeans flare. For most, this will be right around the knee region.

Step 1: Mark Jeans with Pins

Put a pin in to mark this spot. Make sure you pin on the outside of the leg. Now starting from the bottom, decide how tight you want your skinny jeans to be. Take equal sides of the fabric on either side of the hem and fold together, creating a dart. They may overlap slightly. Pin there.

Repeat this process three or four more times, working your way up the leg to your top pin at knee height. Repeat the pinning process on the opposite leg. Now, remove the jeans.

Step 2: Sew Buttons onto Jeans

Use your tape to measure from the top pin to the hem - on these jeans, it's 14 inches. Beginning at the top pin, sew your first button and continue evenly spaced down the leg. For these jeans, that was every 3 inches.

As you add the buttons, you can remove the pins. Be sure you get them all! Repeat the process on the opposite leg, and there you have it! Repurposed flared jeans turned into a trendy new fashion!

Thanks for watching, and for more ideas on budget-friendly ways to repurpose your wardrobe, visit


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