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Video:How to Repurpose LP Records in Crafts

with Cliff Wildman

It may be easier than you think to repurpose LP records to add flair to your living space. For a new crafting idea, repurpose LP records into bowls and home accents using these instructions.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Repurpose LP Records in Crafts

Hi, Cliff Wildman with here. I'm here to talk to you today about all those old LPs you have laying around your house. Almost everyone I know has a stack of scratched up dusty old warped discs like this. Now you can donate them to your local charity store, which is where I got these, or you can do something a lot more fun with them. Today I'm going to show you how to take old records and turn them into bowls.

Supplies Needed to Repurpose LP Records

For this project we'll need records, obviously. I suggest starting out with several because sometimes these don't come out the way you intend them to. So feel free to just trash one if it doesn't come out right and start over again.

And we'll need a metal bowl. You want the diameter of the bowl to be a bit smaller than the record and you want a flat bottom that is about the same size as the diameter of the record's label.

Preheat the Oven for the LP Records

First preheat the oven to somewhere between 200 and 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Next I'll put an old baking sheet at the bottom of the oven just in case we have any mishaps.

Shape the LP Records

Put the metal bowl, upside down, into the oven and then place the record on top of that. We want to heat this in the oven for five to six minutes and you'll see here the record has melted on top of the bowl, that's when you know it is ready.

Now this is very hot so either use gloves or be very careful when you touch the bowl or the record. For this first bowl we're going to let the record form over the bowl naturally, so just let this cool for about ten minutes and it will pop right off. There's our first bowl.

Second Way to Shape and Repurpose the LP Records

For our second bowl we're going to flip the metal bowl onto the counter and drop the record into the bowl, pushing down to create nice flower shape. Again, let that cool for about ten minutes and it's ready.

Third Way to Shape and Repurpose the LP Records

For the third bowl, I'll try something a bit different. I'm using a blender to get a taller bowl, so shove this down the blender as far as it will go to create the bowl shape, now you'll have a brief window here to mold and shape the edges however you like them.

Fourth Way to Shape and Repurpose the LP Records

And for our last bowl i have a small square glass container and I'm going to quickly push the record into and fold over the sides. Again, let this cool for about ten minutes and presto you have another bowl.

So I've showed you a variety of ways you can make these, try different size bowls and techniques to get different sizes and shapes. Thanks for watching, now go get rid of your old records and for more videos, visit
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