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Video:How to Make an Inexpensive Holiday Wreath

with Danelle Drury Bavel

An inexpensive holiday wreath is a great way to get in the holiday spirit without breaking the bank. Watch this About.com video to learn how to make an inexpensive holiday wreath.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make an Inexpensive Holiday Wreath

Hello, my name is Danelle Drury Bavel for About.com.  Today I am going to show you how to make an inexpensive holiday wreath. The front door is the first thing our guest see when the walk into our homes. What better way to greet them than with a holiday wreath?

Supplies for an Inexpensive Holiday Wreath

Before we begin you will need:

  • Dark brown ribbon
  • About 100 cinnamon sticks
  • Foam wreath form
  • Hot glue gun and refills
  • Pins
  • Ornaments
  • Red ribbon
  • A wreath hanger

Form the Base for an Inexpensive Holiday Wreath

Take your foam wreath and wrap a brown ribbon around it.  A wider ribbon will work better, and be faster to wrap. Once your wreaths is completely covered, pin or hot glue the ribbon in place and get your cinnamon sticks ready. I like to start by laying them around the wreath before gluing anything. When I have a pattern that I like, I simply hot glue each stick onto the wreath. Take your time; it is important that none of the sticks fall off later.

Decorate the Inexpensive Holiday Wreath

When the wreath is wrapped and the sticks are glued, it is time to decorate!  I am going to use a bit of floral wire and some miniature ornaments to get the look of berries on my wreath.  In addition to the ornaments, I think this red ribbon will pop nicely against the brown of the cinnamon sticks.

Hang the Inexpensive Holiday Wreath

When it is finished, hang it from your front door on a wreath hanger.  A nail could work but it is not nearly as secure.  This is a beautiful wreath that will look and smell nice all winter long. Thank you for watching. For more information, check us out on the web at About.com.

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