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Video:How to Create a Valentine's Day Centerpiece

with Jim Spencer

Trying to impress someone on Valentine's Day with some DIY entertaining? Get a guide for making a simple, but beautiful, floral centerpiece in this video from Transcript

Transcript:How to Create a Valentine's Day Centerpiece

Hi, I'm Jamal Andress for, and I'm going to show you how to make an elegant and simple Valentine's Day centerpiece.

The general rule of thumb is that centerpieces should either be short enough to see over or tall enough to see through, and are made in proportion to the length and seating arrangement of the table where you plan on putting it. The arrangement we'll be making is a square rose centerpiece.

Materials to Make a Valentine's Day Centerpiece

Here's what you'll need:

  • A medium glass square vase, which should be no taller than 8 inches
  • 9-15 roses
  • transparent marble pebbles or fish tank gravel
  • water
  • a ruler
  • and a floral knife or floral scissors.

The roses can be in any color combination you choose. I'm going to go with a classic red. It's good to know that because you'll be using fresh flowers, you should create the arrangements right before you need it at the earliest, the day before. 

Getting Started

OK. Let's get started - the first thing you'll want to do it carefully pour your gravel or marble pebbles into your vase. Do this slowly so you don't break or chip the glass. You'll want to fill the vase a third of the way. Next, fill the vase up about halfway with water. If you want to make your centerpiece the night before and store it, or want your flowers to last more than one evening, mix the water with floral preserve powder which you can get from any florist.

Cutting the Flowers

Now to the flowers: strip the roses of the leaves and thorns. Be careful to not strip the stem too much and be extra careful not to prick yourself in the process.

Now that your roses are prepped and ready, it's time to cut them to size. Using the ruler or your vase for comparison, hold the rose head just under the vase edge. Taking note of where the stem is against the bottom of the vase, cut your rose's stem with the floral scissors or knife. By cutting the flowers diagonally, you expose more of the plant material to water, which increases their lifespan. 

Flower Placement

Cut the other roses to the same length. Then, begin fitting your flowers into the vase, starting in one corner and going row by row.

And now you're done with a beautiful and simple centerpiece for Valentine's Day that can easily be redone with other types of flowers for any special occasion.

For more arrangements or decorating ideas, be sure to check out Thanks for watching!

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