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Video:How To Decoupage Home Decor

with Debbie Anderson

Decoupage is an easy way to add new life to old furniture. This video demonstrates how to decoupage decorate furniture for home decor.See Transcript

Transcript:How To Decoupage Home Decor

Hi! I'm Debbie Anderson for Decoupage is an easy and fun way to personalize or add new life to an old piece of furniture lying around the home. So today, I'm going to show you how to decoupage decorate an old piece of furniture in just a few easy steps.

Decoupage Supplies

For this project, you will need the decoupage medium, paper or fabric pieces to use as decoration, a pair of scissors, a popsicle stick, fine grit sandpaper, a tack cloth, foam brushes, liquid dish soap, a clean sponge, clean work rags, vinyl gloves, a flat head screwdriver, and polyurethane protective finish.

Preparing the Surface for Decoupage

First, pour a small amount of liquid dish soap on a clean sponge and thoroughly wipe down and clean the entire area of the surface you want to decoupage. Then, rinse all of the soap out of the sponge under cool running tap water and completely wipe away any remaining soapy residue with the clean sponge. Allow the surface area to completely dry.

Next, use fine grit sandpaper to lightly sand the entire surface of the area you want to decoupage. Then, use a clean tack cloth to wipe away any leftover sawdust particles on the surface area.

Applying the Decoupage

Use your scissors to cut fun decorative patterns out of the fabric and paper pieces you want to use to decorate with until you have enough fabric and paper pieces to create the pattern you want to decoupage.

Then carefully dip a foam brush in the decoupage medium and carefully apply decoupage to both the back of each piece of fabric and paper you just cut out and to the entire surface area of the item you're decorating.

Carefully place each of the fabric and paper pieces on the item you are decorating to make a pattern you like.

As you lay down the pieces of fabric and paper on the surface of the item you are decorating, use a popsicle stick to gently smooth out any bubbles that may appear in the pieces of the pattern and to carefully squish out any excess decoupage medium under the pieces of paper and fabric as you add bits of paper and fabric to the pattern that you are creating.

Continue this process until the entire surface of the item you are decorating is covered or until your decorative pattern is completed. Once you have covered the entire surface area, let it dry for at least one hour.

Next, use your foam brush and decoupage medium to cover the entire decorated surface area again with the decoupage medium. Allow the second coat of decoupage to completely dry.

Finishing the Decoupage Process

Once the decoupage is completely dry to the touch, use your fine grit sandpaper to very carefully sand any rough patches on the top of the decoupage design pattern surface.

Finally, after putting on your vinyl gloves, use a clean foam brush to apply long, smooth, and even coats of polyurethane protective finish to the entire surface area of the newly decoupage decorated pattern on the item decorated. Allow the protective finish to completely dry.

And with a few supplies from around the house and your local craft store, you're sure to add new life to that old piece of furniture that was lying around the home!

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