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Video:DIY Tea Light Wine Glass Lampshades

with Julie Edmonds

Candles warm up a room with intimate, soft lighting. Dress up your tea light candles with these attractive glass lampshade holders.See Transcript

Transcript:DIY Tea Light Wine Glass Lampshades

Hey everybody – This is Julie Edmonds for About.com. Nothing brightens a room and makes it feel more intimate than candles. I love to use tea candles but at the table they can look a little plain. Luckily I found a creative and simple way to make a beautiful candle holder that makes any table more welcoming.

Supplies Needed to Make Wine Glass Lamp Shades

You'll need just a handful of things to make this project happen:
  • a piece of tracing paper
  • a ruler
  • a piece of string
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • clear tape
  • tea candle
  • stemmed wine glass

Determine the Size of the Tea Light Shade

First things first, use your ruler to mark out 7 inches on a piece of string, and then mark off 5 more inches on that same piece, for a total of 12 inches. I have already done this with mine.

Next, make a loose knot at the start of the string, at the 12 inch mark on the string, and at the spot where you marked 7 inches. After you have made your knots use the scissors to cut the string so that it is easier to work with.

Now take your string and insert the pencil at the top knot like this. Put the other end of the string at the middle bottom of your sheet of tracing paper. Pull the string taut and make a curve on the paper with the pencil.

Next you are going to take your pencil and insert it before the knot at the 7 inch mark. Keep the other end of the string in the same place (middle bottom of the paper) and then make a second curved line on the paper. Then you are going to use the ruler to make a straight line connecting each end of the two curves.

Create the Shade

Now cut out the shape that you have made. Once you have cut out this piece wrap it around on itself so it makes a cone like this. Finally take clear tape and tape both the inside and outside of the loop. With your lampshade finished, place a candle inside your wine glass, and then put your new shade on top. With just a few pieces you have around the house you can make a beautiful candle holder that will impress friends and set the mood for your next event.

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