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Video:DIY Cake Stand

with Julie Edmonds

With just a few simple pieces from the thrift store, you can make a classic cake stand that will add a vintage look to the presentation of your cakes and baked goods. Learn how to make your own easy and unique cake stand at home.See Transcript

Transcript:DIY Cake Stand

Hey everybody - this is Julie Edmonds for I love cake and I make it all the time. I used to serve most of my cakes on plates or the pans they were cooked in, until I thought of an easy way to really show off a well-crafted dessert. You can make a vintage looking cake stand out of few simple items from the thrift store - and then you can be proud when you declare 'let them eat cake!'

Supplies Needed to Make a Cake Stand

You'll need just a few things to make this project happen:
  • interesting looking glass plate
  • glass with stem
  • waterproof adhesive (I am using epoxy)
  • scrap piece of cardboard
  • washable marker
  • heavy books

Construct the Cake Stand

First things first, clean the plate and the glass. This is always a good idea when working with used dishes. When you have finished washing them dry them completely. The adhesive needs a clean, dry surface to really work.

Next, find the center of your plate. Be as exact as possible, because if the glass is even a little off it could mean disaster when it comes to putting a cake on the stand. When you have found the middle, mark the center with a washable marker, then place the glass on top, stem up, so that the dot is right down the center of the stem like this. Once you have the glass there, take your marker and place 4 little dots around the glass so you know where to put it once you are ready.

Glue and Dry the Cake Stand

Now don’t forget to wipe off the center dot or it will be stuck inside your cake stand forever! Now take your adhesive and mix it, (following the directions on the package of your type of adhesive). Most epoxies are fast drying so you will need to move quickly once you have started. Once mixed apply it evenly to the rim of the glass. The best way I have found is to dip the glass in the adhesive like this.

After you have your glass ready, place it precisely inside the marks you made earlier. Finally, take your books and put them on top of the glass and leave it set up for the amount of time indicated on your adhesive’s package.

Just as a safety note epoxy can dry quickly and it can make skin stick together so please read the warning on your adhesive and be careful.

By using a few inexpensive items from the thrift store you can make a really beautiful vintage cake stand that your friends will think your grandma must have given you.

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