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Video:5 Fancy Gift Wrapping Ideas

with Jennifer D'Amore

Tired of the old wrap and spiral ribbon? This video shows you how to take your gift wrapping to the next level, and add a touch of elegance to the holidays.See Transcript

Transcript:5 Fancy Gift Wrapping Ideas

Hi I'm Jen D'Amore for and I'm going to show you some fancy gift wrapping ideas. Now that you've mastered the old wrap and basic ribbon, it's time to take it to the next level.

Supplies Needed for Fancy Gift Wrap

For these wrapping ideas, you'll need:
  • plain wrapping paper
  • fabric ribbon
  • pine cones or other natural elements
  • small toys or ornaments
  • You may also use art paper or other materials from around the house.

Wrap the Gift as You Normally Would

Start with the basics and wrap the gift. Plain metallic papers are a great place to start. They'll work well with a lot of choices, and are versatile, you can use them for birthdays and other gift giving throughout the year.

Create a Bow with Wide Ribbon

Rather than going with the basic thin ribbon with a curl, let's go bigger. Try a wide fabric ribbon. It's a simple way to add elegance.

To make a simple bow, with a long piece of ribbon, start on the top of the gift, wrap around to the back, twist to cross, come up the sides, and meet in the center. Then make a bow at the top, just as you would tie your shoes, and let the extra just cascade from the gift.

Use Textured Paper Creatively

You can use textured craft paper on smaller gifts. If it's not completely opaque, layer a few different colored sheets together. Then, rather than taping down all the sides, pinch the extra at the top. This will let the inside layer show through.

Use ribbon, or even several pieces of thin ribbon, to tie it closed. You can leave it as a simple bow, or string small ornaments together on the gift. It's an easy way to make your gift more festive.

Get Creative with Ornaments, Accessories, and Natural Accents

Ornaments and even objects from nature, like pine cones, can be strung to your gift. Whenever possible, use the same ribbon that will wrap around the gift, to attach the objects.

Have some fun and create a scene on your gift. Using pine cones as trees, and a ribbon as a track, give that toy train ornament a world of its own. Just be careful transporting this one.

You'd be surprised what you can find around the house to replace wrapping paper. That torn blind that was heading for the garbage could be used to wrap a gift that will really stand out, and have a personality of it's own. Add some candy to give it that holiday feel.

These are just a few ideas…but with these basics you can experiment for yourself. Thanks for watching. To learn more, visit us on the web at
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