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Video:How to Add a Bookmark to the Bar in Safari Using a Shortcut

with Adam Evans

Add a bookmark to bar using this shortcut for ever quick access to your favorite and most viewed websites. By adding a bookmark to the Safari bar, you will save time and enjoy searching the web more.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Add a Bookmark to the Bar in Safari Using a Shortcut

Hi. I’m Adam Evans for There are several ways to add bookmarks in Safari. The most common one is to click on the menu at the top, scroll to add bookmark and click. You can also use the keyboard shortcut “command d” or you can use the plus icon at the left of the address bar. These are all good ways to open the shortcut dialog box.

Shorten the Name of the Bookmark to Fit the Bar

We’ll first want to make sure the name is short, as they are typically long and tend to take up a lot of space on the bookmarks bar. The important question now is where do you save your bookmark? Most people will leave the location option on the bookmarks menu as is, but you shouldn’t overlook the bookmarks bar as an option. By selecting bookmarks bar and clicking add, you bookmark will appear in the area just below the address for quick access.

Bookmark Folders Allow You to Group Sites Together

The best feature of this bookmark location is discovered when you click on the bookmark icon at the left of the bar. Here you can create folders and move your bookmarks as you like in order to better organize your favorite websites. For example, with the Bookmarks Bar selected, I can either click on bookmarks on the top menu or use the shortcut “shift+command+n” to create a folder called My Favorites. I can now drag and drop my favorite websites to this folder and then I can also drag this folder to any spot on the bookmarks bar. I hope these tips help you.

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