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Video:5 Great Parks in Williamsburg and Greenpoint

with John McShane

Williamsburg and Greenpoint are full of great parks and outdoor spaces, perfect for . Watch this About.com video to learn more about the great parks in Williamsburg and Greenpoint.See Transcript

Transcript:5 Great Parks in Williamsburg and Greenpoint

Hi, I'm John McShane for About.com. Today, we're going to show you five of the best parks to visit in Williamsburg and Greenpoint. In North Brooklyn, in the neighborhoods of Williamsburg and Greenpoint, you'll find great parks with unique characteristics that provide residents and visitors with activities and solace.

McCarren Park Is in North Brooklyn

The largest park in Williamsburg at 35 acres, McCarren has a lot to offer both Williamsburg, and nearby Greenpoint residents who are looking to get physical or just sit in the sun. A running track encircles a soccer field, there are baseball and softball fields, two dog parks, a Greenmarket on Saturdays, and plenty of places to sit in the grass. The brand new public Olympic-sized McCarren Park Pool, which hosts two pools and a rec center, opened in 2012. 

McGolrick Park Is in Greenpoint

Not far north of McCarren Park is Greenpoint's more intimate McGolrick Park. Taking a stroll here, you will feel like you have been transported to Europe.  It's smaller than McCarren, and it's a beautiful place to sit and relax in Greenpoint. Beautiful oak trees and benches line the park's exteriors and walkways, and nestled neatly in the park's center is a playground for the kiddies.

Quiet Parks in North Brooklyn

The East River borders Williamsburg on the west side and there are three parks along the shore to offer you a fresh breeze and some inspiring views of Manhattan.

Furthest south, on Grand Street just past Kent Avenue, you'll find a small road that leads to Grand Ferry Park. If crowds drive you crazy, this little area down by the water with a few benches is a great place to have some peaceful moments and enjoy the breeze and the view.

Waterside Parks in North Brooklyn

Though the Northside Piers technically belongs to the condos above them, they are open to the public and well worth the visit. On Kent and North 4th, jutting out several hundred feet into the water, this relatively new pier affords great views of all the bridges on the East River and a breathtaking view of Manhattan.

If it's water you're after, look no further than the East River Park, located on Kent Avenue between North 8th and 9th Streets. This seven-acre park boasts incredible views of Manhattan and the river. In spring, summer and fall, the park hosts Smorgasburg and Brooklyn Flea, weekend events which are not to be missed. In the warmer months, it's a great place to chill out with a picnic or work on your tan.

Those are just a few of the great parks to check out when you're visiting Brooklyn. Thanks for watching, and for more, visit About.com.

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