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Video:Perfect Yorkshire Puddings

with Ernie Wood

Yorkshire Puddings are part of the British national dish; although some say they are difficult to make, this is not the case! In this About.com video, learn how to make easy Yorkshire Puddings.See Transcript

Transcript:Perfect Yorkshire Puddings

Hi, I'm Elaine Lemm for About.com, and today I'm going to show you one of the most popular dishes in Great Britain, it's the Yorkshire Pudding.

The Yorkshire Pudding is part of our national dish, Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding.

Places Eggs, Milk, and Salt in Large Bowl and Mix

To start our Yorkshire Puddings, into this large baking bowl I'm going to put the egg, and the milk and a good pinch of salt.

This now needs to be beaten together and to do this you can either use a fork, a little balloon whisk, personally I like to use an electric hand mixer. It's entirely up to you, but whichever method you use, just make sure you beat it really well. There we are, that's very well beaten.

I'm just going to leave this now for about 5 to 10 minutes just to let these air bubbles subside a little bit.

Wait Until Bubbles Subside, and Add Flour

The bubbles have now subsided so now it's time to add the flour. I'm just going to pass this through sieve first, this helps a little bit more air into the mixture. We now need to beat this mixture together and again you can use your fork, balloon whisk or I'm going to use my electric mixer.

Very important that you really mix this well so all the flour's mixed into the egg and the milk. So that's all really well mixed together, now, very important when we're making Yorkshire Puddings, this mixture needs to stand.

Let Mixture Stand for a Night

If you can let it stand for an hour or two, perfect, overnight is also very good, just as long as you possibly can. Needs to be in a cool place, but don't put it in the refrigerator.

Place Batter in Muffin Tins

So our batter's just about ready so I've got here a 12 hole muffin tin. You don't have to use one of these you could also use a roasting tin or individual Yorkshire Pudding tins, that's up to you. What you do need though is some fat, and i'm going to put a pea-sized piece of beef dripping into each of these cups.

This now needs to go into a really hot oven as hight as possible for about 5 minutes until the fat is actually just starting to smoke. So here's our batter, it's had a good couple of hours resting and I'm just going to give it a final whisk and then i'm going to strain it into this jug just in case there's any lumps left in the batter, and now we need our tin.

So here we are with our lovely hot fat and I'm going to pour the batter. Hopefully we should get a good sizzle…there it is, and about a third of a cup.

Place Tin in Oven

Then let's get this quickly back into that lovely hot oven and these need to cook for about 15 to 20 minutes until they're really well risen and golden brown.

Ooh, so there we are look at that! Absolutely perfect Yorkshire Puddings and so quick and easy to make. All we need now is a little roast beef and some gravy for a perfect dinner!

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