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Video:What Is a British Full Breakfast?

with Elaine Lemm

Ever wondered what a full English breakfast is? Watch this video from About.com to learn all about the British full breakfast and what it entails.See Transcript

Transcript:What Is a British Full Breakfast?

Hi, I'm Elaine Lemm for About.com and today I'm going to tell you about a Full Breakfast, the breakfast that is loved throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. A

About British Full Breakfast

At the heart of any Full Breakfast, whether it is in England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, will be bacon, and this can either be grilled or fried and you'll find it on any Full Breakfast. And more than likely some local sausages. Also loved on the breakfast, perhaps a couple of slices of fried bread, this is usually stale bread which is just fried in the pan with the grease from the bacon.

Components of a British Full Breakfast

Perhaps a spoon or two of baked beans and some mushrooms in a little butter. You often get some regional variations on a full breakfast and particularly in the North of England, they often like to have some slices of Black Pudding or Blood Pudding as it it also known, and a lovely grilled tomato. Of course no breakfast is going to be complete without an egg, and traditionally this would be a fried egg, but you can also have a scrambled egg or a poached egg.

Variations of the British Full Breakfast

This really would be considered a full English breakfast, if you were in Scotland you might also see Haggis and Tatty Scones on the plate, in Ireland perhaps some Soda Bread and White Pudding, and in Wales they really like Laver Cakes which are made from seaweed. As you can see this is a pretty hearty breakfast and actually we don't eat this every day now. It is saved often for weekends or when we're away on holiday. But often throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland now, cafes and restaurants will serve an All Day Breakfast, so the breakfast will be replacing lunch or dinner. That's it for the breakfast, all that's missing now is a few slices of toast, some lovely English marmalade and of course, a cup of tea!

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