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Video:Pimms Cup: Recipe and History

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Make the Perfect Pimms Number One Cup with a few easy-to-find ingredients for the perfect drink on a hot summer's day.See Transcript

Transcript:Pimms Cup: Recipe and History

Hi, I'm Elaine Lemm for About.com, and today I'm going to make the essential drink for a hot English Summer's day, and that's a Pimm's.

History of Pimm's

This is a bottle of Pimm's and Pimm's has actually been around since 1840 and was invented by James Pimm who owned an oyster bar in London at the time. Unfortunately I can't tell you the recipe for what's actually in this bottle because it's a heavily guarded secret.  

However I can tell you how to make the most popular drink using Pimm's and that's a Pimm's Number One Cup.

How to Make a Pimm's Number One Cup

So for this I've got a lovely glass jug filled with some ice and over the ice I'm going to pour a good third of a jug of the Pimm's. Lovely. And then I'm going to top that up with some lemonade.

Into there now I've got some very thinly sliced cucumber, and some thinly sliced orange. This really is summer in a glass. And some quartered British fresh strawberries. And then finally into there, tear up some of these lovely fresh mint leaves. Then we give that a bit of a stir.

The Perfect Summer Drink

You'll find Pimm's everywhere in England in the summer and it's especially synonymous with Wimbledon and at Wimbledon every year during the tennis tournament they serve over 80,000 glasses of Pimm's, such is its popularity!

So there we are, we've got some lovely Pimm's in here, lovely, its ice cold, all that's needed now is some tall glasses and a hot summer's day. Enjoy!

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