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Video:How to Make Mushy Peas

with Elaine Lemm

The side dish mushy peas is a British classic that pairs well with a hearty main dish. Watch this how-to video from to see instructions for making them at home.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Mushy Peas

Hi, I'm Elaine Lemm from the British and Irish food site and today I'm going to show you how to make a classic British dish, of Mushy Peas. Now Mushy Peas you either love them or hate them, personally I really love them, especially served with fish and chips, or a really good pie.

Ingredients for Mushy Peas

All you need for Mushy Peas are:

  • 225 grammes of dried marrowfat peas
  • 2 tablets of bicarbonate of soda and if you don't have tablets it's fine, just use 2 tablespoons

Recipe for Mushy Peas

Into a saucepan I'm going to pour 300ml of boiling water and drop the bicarbonate of soda tablets in and just give that a quick stir and then add the peas. You just need to leave these now to soak for 12 hours. So the peas have had 12 hours of soaking and these now need to be drained and then put back into the same pan. Once they've been drained then cover the peas with cold water and bring them up to the boil.

More Instructions for Making Mushy Peas

Once the peas are boiling we need to turn them down to a simmer and then we're going to cook the peas for about 30 minutes until they're nice and soft and all mushy. The Mushy Peas have had 30 minutes an as you can see they're very, very soft and completely mushy. I'm just going to give them a little taste,. I think I'd like a little bit of sugar in here and that's optional. A little bit of sugar and just a little bit of salt as well. Stir that in and then another taste…Hmm perfect! Delicious Mushy Peas. All that's needed now really is a good plate of fish and chips.

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