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Video:How to Make Christmas Mince Pies

with Elaine Lemm

Mince pies are so easy to make and are a classic British treat. Watch this video to see helpful instructions on how to make them on your own.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Christmas Mince Pies

Hi, I'm Elaine Lemm for and today I'm going to show you how to make a really more-ish Christmas treat, which is a Christmas Mince Pie.

What Are Christmas Mince Pies

We've actually been eating mince pies in Britain since the 16th century but back they were made with meat. Now they're made with a sweet mincemeat which is a lovely mixture of dried fruit, sugar and brandy.

Ingredients for Christmas Mince Pies

All you need apart from the delicious mincemeat is 300 grams of rich shortcrust pastry. You can make these with puff pastry if you prefer, and the kind of tin that you want to use, well that's up to you. You can use a 12 hole muffin tin, or if you want to make little party size mince pies you can put them into a canape tin, really it's up to you. I've already rolled out the pastry it's about half a centimetre thick and I've used an 8 cm tart cutter and lined the 12 hole muffin tin. This has then been resting in the fridge for 30 minutes before I make the mince pies.

Filling and Decorating the Mince Pies

Then all we need to do, we need a good spoonful of mincemeat. Don't overfill the pie, if you do, all that will happen is that it will just bubble out and burn. Once those are filled then we need to put a lid on. Now you can be very decorative if you like and put little stars on, I've actually used a 6 cm cutter for this and I'm just going to pop the lid on the top of the pie. Once those are on, then just with a pair of scissors I'm just going to snip the pastry lid, this is just to let any steam out. There, these are now ready for the oven.

Baking the Mince Pies

They need to go into an oven at 200 degrees Celsius for about 20 minutes until they are bubbly and golden brown. Oh look at these gorgeous mince pies and they smell wonderful! It's the smell of Christmas! So now we just take them out of the tin, I've got a very pretty plate here. Then to finish, I'm just going to sprinkle these with a little icing sugar. How gorgeous are they? Perfect Christmas treat!

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