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Video:Characteristics of British Cuisine

with Elaine Lemm

Not sure what British cuisine includes? You might be surprised which meals come from Great Britain! Watch this video to learn all about the typical foods found in this region.See Transcript

Transcript:Characteristics of British Cuisine

Hi, I'm Elaine Lemm for and today I'm going to tell you about British Food. I know that British food has had some bad press now and again, but let me tell that's not how it is here with our food.

Basics of British Cuisine

British food is actually steeped in millennia of history, heritage and tradition. Most of this is born out of the vast landscape we have here, from mountains to moors, pastureland and of course we are an island, from the coastline too. But of course we are best known for our national dishes; who hasn't enjoyed a plate of fish and chips? And then there's the Sunday Roast, roast beef and Yorkshire Pudding's loved throughout the country. And not forgetting our cultural diversity we also love a curry.

Influence on British Cuisine

Our climate of course has a strong influence on our food which then tends to make them quite warm and rich and nourishing. I'm thinking about stews, casseroles and British pies and pasties. And what better way to start the day than with a Full English Breakfast! Then there's the backbone of British food, the Great British Pudding. Yes, Spotted Dick raises a smile, but who can't resist a dishful of Sticky Toffee Pudding? And then woven throughout this of course are the great traditions that we have here.

Typical British Drinks

There's the British cup of tea, and the serving of afternoon tea; cakes and scones and sandwiches. And who doesn't love the British Pub? All of these things come together to make the food in Britain what it is today, Great British Food.

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