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Video:Tips for Pumping at Work

with Melissa Nagin

Your return to the workplace after having a baby will be much smoother if you create a strategy for pumping at work. Learn a few tips that will help make breast pumping at work easier and more convenient.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Pumping at Work

Hi, I'm Melissa Nagin for About.com. Has the time come for you to return to the office? Today I'm going to run through some tips that will help make breast pumping at work easier and more convenient.

Begin Storing Breast Milk

A month prior to your return, begin to build a bank of breast milk in your freezer. This way you'll be able to have a significant stash of milk for your baby once you go back to work.

Reserve a Place to Pump at Work

Make sure there is a private place in your office. Talk to your human resources department and explain that you are breastfeeding and plan to pump during the workday. If you do not have a room designated for pumping or a private office where you can close the door, ask if there is a conference room or another space that isn't being used. Then, reserve it for the times you plan to pump. You should not be expected to sit in a bathroom stall or an open cube. If you choose to venture outside your building, some women prefer pumping in their cars.

At-Work Breast Pumps

You can bring in your own breast pump. Or you can get a rental pump from a local hospital or pharmacy so you can keep it at work.

Pumping at Work

Plan to pump at the same time your baby would typically feed. If you're a salaried employee, this may be a bit more flexible than if you work hourly, but the process should remain the same. You just need to steal away for 15 minutes per pumping session.

To make the space you are pumping in more personal, bring a photo of your baby along and hang it up. Take a deep breath, relax, and put on some music if that helps.

Storing Breast Milk at Work

Some offices have freezers and refrigerators. Ask your manager or human resources if it is possible to store your breast milk there. But remember that it might not be specifically set aside for nursing mothers. So your milk might end up next to someone's frozen lunch. If storing your milk in a freezer is not an option, get a personal cooler or mini freezer. Put your expressed milk in your cooler or fridge. Be sure to bring it home immediately so you can add it to the bank.

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