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Video:Difference Between WBA, WBC, IBF and WBO

with Dave Gaudette

In competitive boxing, there are four organizations that rank fighters, sanction fights, and promote professional bouts. In this About.com video, learn about the history of each organization.See Transcript

Transcript:Difference Between WBA, WBC, IBF and WBO

Hi, My name is Dave Gaudette, I own Front Range Boxing Academy ,and I train amateur and professional boxers, and I am here today with About.com.

There are four professional sanctioning bodies that are recognized by the International Boxing Hall of Fame: the WBA, the WBC, the IBF, and the WBO.

History of the World Boxing Association

The WBA was first started in 1921, and was known as the NBA, the National Boxing Association, and was founded with representatives of thirteen other states in order to serve as a balance with respect to the New York State Athletic Commission. In 1962, the NBA changed it's title to the WBA, or World Boxing Association, and they became then more of a sanctioning body, before they were more of a ranking organization. One of the reasons the NBA changed it's name to the WBA, or World Boxing Association is because of the growing world-wide popularity of the sport of boxing. In 1963, the WBC was formed.

History of the World Boxing Council

The World Boxing Council incorporated some important safety measures, including the standing eight count, and reducing the number of championship rounds from fifteen to twelve. This they feel prevented injuries which occurred in the last three rounds of previous championship fights. The WBC was also the first major sanctioning organization to establish and sanction women's world championship bouts.

History of the International Boxing Federation

The IBF, or International Boxing Federation was an outgrowth of the U.S. Boxing Association and was established in 1983. In 1984, it got a big boost in terms of it's popularity and legitimacy as a sanctioning body because then heavy weight champion Larry Homes relinquished his WBC heavy weight championship in order to accept the IBF heavy weight championship.

The World Boxing Organization

The World Boxing Organization was founded in Puerto Rico by several Puerto Rican & Dominican businessmen who had issues with the WBA, and decided they were going to establish their own sanctioning organization in 1988. Each of the four sanctioning bodies have somewhat different criteria for recognizing ranked contenders and for establishing championship bouts. For instance the WBO recognized a guy named Francesco Damiani as the heavy weight champ, when everyone else recognized Mike Tyson.

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