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Video:Walking Tour of Gillette Stadium

with Angela Morgan

Gillette Stadium is one of New England's premiere stadiums, and home to the NFL's New England Patriots and MLS's New England Revolution. Here is a walking tour of Gillette Stadium.See Transcript

Transcript:Walking Tour of Gillette Stadium

Hi, this is Angela with, and today I am going to show you a walking tour of the Gillette Stadium in New England. Gillette Stadium is located in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

Background of Gillette Stadium

This stadium is home to the three-time Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots and Major League Soccer's New England Revolution. It is New England's premier sports and entertainment venue. The stadium opened in 2002 replacing the old Foxboro Stadium.

During football games, the stadium seats 68,756 people, including 6,000 club seats and 87 luxury suites. Gillette Stadium also has the Putnam Club which offers more than 6,000 club members access to 120,000 square feet of space to enjoy year-round.

Features of Gillete Stadium

The Gillette Stadium has many features that make it unique. One of these features is the bridge and 12-story high lighthouse that sits atop the Patriot Place Gate entrance and welcome visitors to the stadium. The stadium is very well laid out with wide concourses and plenty of vendors. Gillette stadium is very clean and modern, the seats are wide and comfortable and the bathrooms are nice as well.

Visit Patriot Place at Gillette Stadium

While at Gillette Stadium be sure and visit Patriot Place which adjoins the stadium. There are some really nice stores, interesting restaurants and lots of entertainment. Also be sure not to forget The Patriot's Hall of Fame. The Gillette Stadium complex is truly an amazing place to create a once in a lifetime experience.

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