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Video:How to Set Up a Checkers Board

with Paul Sampson

Learn how to set up a checkers board and determine who goes first when you play. Here are some tips on how to set up a checkers board so you and your family can enjoy this great game.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Set Up a Checkers Board

Hi, I'm Paul Sampson for, and today, I'm going to show you how to set up a checkers board.

Order the Pieces to Set Up a Checkers Board

First, make sure the bottom right square is white. If it's black, rotate the board 90 degrees.

Next, separate the pieces. There should be 12 white pieces and 12 black pieces. On some sets, the colors will be different, so simply separate the colors.

Put all the white pieces on the last three rows of black squares closest to one player. The black pieces go on the black squares of the last three rows on the other side. Once all the pieces are on your board, it should look like this.

Once You Set Up a Checkers Board, Decide Who Will Play First

The player using the black pieces goes first. Since that person has an advantage, one fair way to determine who goes first is for one player to pick up two pieces -- one of each color. She will put them behind her back and shuffle them.

She then puts one in her left hand and the other in her right hand. She'll keep her hands closed and present them to the other player. He chooses a hand, and whatever color he chooses is the color he plays with.

Then, whoever is playing with the black pieces makes the first move.

Since checkers doesn't usually take long to play, it's common to play several games at a time. If you do, take turns playing black and going first.

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