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Video:Difference Between Words With Friends and Scrabble

with Meghan Lynn Allen

Words with Friends and Scrabble are of the same idea, but follow many different rules and strategies. Learn the difference between these two fun games in this how-to video from About.com.See Transcript

Transcript:Difference Between Words With Friends and Scrabble

Hi! This is Meghan Lynn Allen for About.com, and today we'll discuss this differences between Words With Friends and Scrabble.

Differences Between Scrabble and Words with Friends

Scrabble has twelve triple-letter spaces, while Words With Friends has 16. And Scrabble has 17 double word spaces, while Words With Friends only has 12. One of those 17 double word spaces in Scrabble is also that center opening square. Every game of Scrabble starts with a double word score, and that's not necessarily the case with Words With Friends. However, if you put together a five letter or longer word, you can always reach a double word from the opening square in Words With Friends.

The English version of Scrabble has 100 tiles, and Words With Friends uses 104 tiles. There's also some different frequencies of letters that come up in each game, and some of the point values are different. There's also a big difference in the dictionaries. Scrabble's famous for having its own Scrabble dictionary that's famous for being different from your everyday Webster's dictionary that you use. Words With Friends has the same thing. So when you play one or the other, be sure that the words you use are in that dictionary.

Differences in Winning Strategy

But the most important thing when it comes to playing both games is winning. Winning in Scrabble and winning in Words with Friends have a lot of similarities in strategy and technique, but there are some differences. For example in both games, it's proper to use the S, to extend words and make combinations of words - pluralizing one or the other, and starting a word with the letter S. In Words With Friends, there are 5 Ss. In Scrabble, there are only 4.

And in Words With Friends, you can really work the bonuses. Land on those multiplier squares. Words With Friends does not have more multiplier squares than Scrabble - however, it's set up differently, so you can hit more bonuses within one word. For example, in Words With Friends, you can land on a triple word score, and two triple letter scores within a single six letter word.

If you're playing the Scrabble board game, you can be a little tricky with the strategy and try to use some words that aren't real, don't exist in the dictionary. If opponents don't challenge you, you might get away with it and score those extra points. There's no way to do that in Words With Friends. In Words With Friends, every word has to be a valid word, and it'll pop up and tell you if that word doesn't exist. However, there are more valid words in Words With Friends versus Scrabble. Their dictionary is a little bit bigger and a little bit more forgiving.

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