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Video:How to Style the Goddess Braid

with Anu Prestonia

The goddess braid is a sophisticated hairstyle made from oversized cornrows. Learn how it's done!See Transcript

Transcript:How to Style the Goddess Braid

Hi, my name is Anu Prestonia, from Khamit Kinks in Brooklyn, NY, here with About.com. Today we're going to be demonstrating the goddess braid, which is actually an oversized cornrow that's done overhand. Our master stylist, Awa Thiam, is going to demonstrate the Goddess Braid on our beautiful model, Danya Steele.

Prep Hair for Goddess Braid

Begin by parting the client's hair in distinct sections that will determine the flow, style and direction that the braids will be styled in. We recommend using synthetic hair because human hair in this length and volume would be cost-prohibitive. Match the color of the fiber with the color of the client's roots.

Section the Hair

Section the synthetic hair with one piece that is two-thirds thick with the remaining portion being one-third thick. Loop the one-third section over the two-thirds section, making three sections altogether. These three sections should all have the same amount of hair.

Braid the Hair

When you begin your goddess braid, divide the section of the client's hair that is to be braided down the center. Place the extension at the center of this section and begin to braid. When braiding the Goddess, gently pull the client's hair into the extension by parting even sections with your fingers as you continue to braid. After an inch or two, add more hair extension for fullness.

After the braids are completed, clip off any stray hairs. Then dip the ends into thermal water. Have several towels ready to absorb the heat of the water. This process requires skill and know-how and should be done with great care. Add mousse and gel to the client's hair to smooth it down and into the braid. Use the end of a rat-tail comb to pull all the stray hairs along the cornrow. Spray a little oil sheen, place the client under a dryer for about ten minutes, and you're done!

Maintaining Goddess Braids

So we're all done with our goddess braid, and as you can see, she looks just like a goddess! This is a very low maintenance style. All you need to do is tie your hair up at night with a scarf and take it off in the morning and go!

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