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Video:How to Style Single Braids

with Anu Prestonia

Braiding hair is a useful skill that will come in handy your entire life. Watch how to style single braids with extensions.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Style Single Braids

Hi, my name is Anu Prestonia, from Khamit Kinks in Brooklyn, NY, here with Today we're going to be demonstrating how to do single braids with extensions. We have our master stylists here, Anta Fall and Awa Thiam, and our model is Krystal Lewis.

Begin the Braids

Begin at the bottom of the hair line and work your way up. Make even-sized triangular parts in a bricklayer fashion. Cut the extension hair to the length that you have decided the braids should be before adding in the extension. Cutting the hair first will make it easier to taper the hair in a way that looks gradual and natural.

Add Hair to the Braids

Place the middle of the extension onto the client's hair. Gather the client's hair into the extension. To begin braiding, bring the right side under the middle section, and on top of the left section. Then bring the left section under the middle section, and on top of the right section, and continue this process as you braid the hair.

Parting for Braids

The size of the parts should determine the amount of extension hair you use. The size of the part and the amount of the extension should be comparable.

Finish the Braids

For finishing touches, clip all stray hairs off the braids. Dip the ends in thermal water -- this process requires skill and should be done with great care. Oil the scalp -- and add a little sheen -- and you're done!

So we've just finished our single braids, medium size, and as you can see, it's very beautiful. It's very versatile, you can move these braids around to change the look of the style, you can pull it back, you can put it up in a bun -- there're so many things you can do with single braids. And it lasts quite awhile - it can last up to three months.

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