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Video:How to Create Baby Curl Twists

with Anu Prestonia

Baby curls are a type of twist that is initially braided at the root. See how baby curl twists are styled, and how they should be taken care of at home.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Create Baby Curl Twists

Hi, I'm Anu Prestonia of Khamit Kinks in Brooklyn, NY, and I'm here for Today we're going to introduce to you our Baby Curl Twist, one of our most popular styles. Master Stylist Jahmillah Collier is going to be showing us how to do the baby curl twist on our client, Lynette Jefferson.

Prep the Extensions for Twisting

There are many types of twist styles. Today, we're doing the baby curl twist, which is created using 100 per cent human hair called baby curl. To create the style, the extensions are divided into small sections. The hair is parted and then the extensions are initially braided into the hair. It is done this way because of the softness of the extension hair. If we were to twist this hair directly into the roots, the extensions would slide out. Therefore, we begin by braiding the hair.

Create Baby Curl Twists

After braiding down a few inches, we softly twist the extensions. The process is repeated throughout the entire head until you have completed the style. The ends are then clipped -- you can clip the ends a bit just to even up the style or to make the style shorter.

This is the end result of our Baby Curl Twist -- doesn't she look beautiful? One thing to remember is that you shouldn't wet this hair or shampoo it at home -- you should come back into the salon to have it treated. We also recommend that you come in after the first six weeks for a retouch around the hairline.

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