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Video:How to Braid Cornrows

with Anu Prestonia

Cherokee braids are cornrows that begins with the root of your own hair. See how to get this sophisticated cornrow style.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Braid Cornrows

Hi, my name is Anu Prestonia and I'm the owner of Khamit Kinks Hair Salon here in Brooklyn, NY, and we're here for We're going to be showing cornrows in a style that's called the Cherokee braids.

Cherokee Braid Cornrows

Our Cherokee today is going to be created by our stylist, Awa Thiam, on our model, Kemi Lyles. The Cherokee is a very special cornrow braid -- Khamit Kinks came up with this hairstyle and what makes it so different is that your hair is the beginning of the cornrow. Instead of an extension, it starts with your own hair. That way, your hairline is protected, because the weight of the extension is not on your hairline and it looks very natural. It starts very small and gradually gets larger, and tapers down to the bottom.

Begin the Cornrows at the Hair Root

You begin this process with the client's own hair. Part the client's hair in the direction that you wish the braid to follow. At the beginning of the designated area, take a small part and separate that into three even sections and begin braiding the client's own hair first. To begin braiding, bring the right side under the middle section, and on top of the left section. Then bring the left section under the middle section and on top of the right section, and continue this process all the way down.

Add in Extensions to the Cornrow Braids

Then you feed a tiny strand of extension hair into the client's hair. As you move along the cornrow, you will continue to add in strands, and the strands that you add in will gradually become larger and larger as the hair also increases -- going from very fine at the hairline and becoming thicker as you reach the center of the head. Once the braid goes beyond the scalp, you continue to add additional strands of hair as needed to keep the braid uniform in size. Gradually, the hair you add in becomes thinner as you reach the bottom, because you want the ends of the braids to taper.

Finish the Cornrows

You clip off all the stray ends and taper the ends more with scissors if need be. Then you dip the ends of the braids into thermal water. Oil the scalp, then add some mousse!

As you can see, the Cherokee braids are a beautiful style, but they're what we consider a stationary style. Stationary styles don't hold up as long as individual styles -- you need to tie it down at night so that it stays nice and smooth, and it lasts about three weeks before you need to have it done again.

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