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Video:Sweet Potato Mash for Birds

with Karin Dubois

Healthy, fresh foods are essential to your pet bird's diet. Watch this video to learn how to make nutritious and fun sweet potato mash balls that your bird will love.See Transcript

Transcript:Sweet Potato Mash for Birds

Hi, I’m Karin DuBois for About.com. Today we’ll be making sweet potato mash balls for your pet bird. They’re a fun, nutritious way to add healthy, fresh food to your bird’s diet.

Ingredients for Sweet Potato Mash

For this yummy recipe, you’ll need sweet potatoes of course, parsley, oatmeal flakes, quinoa, carrots, millet, a measuring cup and a potato masher.

Peel Carrots and Potatoes

The first thing to do is to peel the carrots and the sweet potatoes. Now I’m making a recipe for one small bird, a parrotlet, but you can of course adjust the amount of vegetables you need if you have a larger bird, or if you have multiple birds.

Now sweet potatoes are one of the most nutritious vegetables for humans, and also for birds. And don’t forget to take the ends off both the sweet potatoes and the carrots.

Boil Potatoes and Carrots

Now we need to boil our sweet potatoes and carrots, until they’re soft enough to puree. While the sweet potatoes and carrots are boiling, I’ve got another pot of boiling water here, to make my quinoa.

Make Quinoa

So just take about 1 cup of quinoa, using your measuring cup, add it to the boiling water, and then cover it, and let it simmer for about 15 minutes. You’ll know your quinoa is ready when it looks light and fluffy, like this.

Mash Ingredients Together

So my sweet potatoes and carrots have now boiled long enough to be soft enough to puree, so what I’m doing now is transferring them to a bowl, and then I’m using my potato masher to mash them. Now that the sweet potatoes and carrots have been mashed and pureed together, it’s time to add our quinoa. So just grab your pot of quinoa, and gradually add it to the sweet potato and carrot puree. Next we’ll blend these two together, so that they’re nice and mixed, and then we’ll add our millet.

Add Millet and Parsley

Millet is a really fun treat to add to these sweet potato mash balls, most birds love them, so they’ll go nuts when they go through your sweet potato mash ball, and find the millet inside. So measure out about a quarter cup of millet, and then we’ll just add it right into the recipe, and just mix it up as well.

So now that this is all mixed up nicely, we’re going to add a little bit of parsley. I bought a bunch but I’m only using about a tablespoon for this mash, so you can just rip it up with your fingers, or if you prefer you can use scissors.

Create Balls

So we’ll mix the parsley in, and now the fun part, making the mash balls. So what we’re going to do is grab about a tablespoon of mash mix, and then just roll it in your hands until it makes a little ball like this, and set it aside onto a plate or tray.

Finish Sweet Potato Mash Balls with Oats

I’ve already made a plate full of mash balls, and now I’ll show you how to add the last ingredient, oats. So take your oats and pour them into the bowl, and then we’ll dip our mash balls into them to help them stick.

Once you’re done you can either serve them fresh, or freeze them to use them whenever you need to. Your bird will love them. Thanks for watching. To learn more, visit us on the web at About.com.
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