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Video:How to Bathe Your Pet Bird

with Karin Dubois

Find out how to bathe your pet bird, to keep its feathers clean and healthy.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Bathe Your Pet Bird

Hi there, I'm Karin DuBois for

Bathing your pet bird regularly is important, as it helps keep their feathers clean & healthy. Today I'll show you several techniques to encourage your pet bird to bathe, even if it's not hand-tame.

How to Use a Bird Bath

The first and most common way to bathe your bird is to use a bird bath, which looks like this. Just use some slightly warm tap water, and just fill it so it's shallow, giving the bird enough water to splash around in, but not enough that there's a danger of drowning. Either place the bird bath on top of the cage if your bird is hand-tame. If your pet bird is not hand-tame, just place the bath tub directly on the bottom of the cage. Pet birds are very curious by nature, so your bird will most likely venture down to the bottom of the cage, test the water, and maybe even splash around.

Bathe a Bird in the Sink

Another way to bathe your bird is at the sink. All you have to do is run some tap water at low pressure, then cup your hands underneath, and if your bird wants to have a bath, it'll jump right in.

Use a Spray Bottle

A third bathing method is to use a spray bottle. Just fill it with lukewarm clean water. This is great if your bird is not hand-tame, because you can gently mist it, while it's still inside the cage. If your bird is enjoying it, he might lift up his feathers, and fluff out his wings. If your bird does not like it, he might run away and try to hide. If this happens, you don't want to keep misting the bird. Bath time should be fun and enjoyable.

Leaves as a Bathing Method

Another bathing method your pet bird might enjoy is to use wet lettuce or spinach leaves. Just use a tray, and then some clean lettuce or spinach, place it in the tray, add some lukewarm water, and let your bird splash around. When your bird is done bathing he'll naturally just start preening to get his feathers back in order. Make sure your bird is in a warm room while he's drying.

Every bird is unique, so the key is to try out different bathing methods to find out which one your bird prefers.

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