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Video:Rules for 8-Ball Pool

with Tony Robles

In this video, learn the common rules for playing 8-Ball, so you can be in the know, and up to date, on all of your pool games.See Transcript

Transcript:Rules for 8-Ball Pool

Hi, my name is Tony Robles, here at Amsterdam Billiards for, and today I'm going to introduce you to the eight-ball rules in pool.

Overview of 8-Ball Rules

What you'll notice is 8-ball is the only game in pool that has a different set of rules depending on where you actually go. So lets say you go to a local bar, it's usually a good idea to ask what their house rules are. Because right across the street they may have a different set of rules. Here are a couple of the common rules:

8-Ball Rule #1: 'Call-Shot'

I actually own a league called the national amateur pool league and in my league we play call-shot. And the way that works is you must call the pocket that you intend to make the ball. So for example, right here the one doesn't have any access to the side pocket because the eight ball is blocking it. I can still call the one in this pocket and hit it off that red stripe ball, the eleven ball. And as long as I make it in the pocket that I called it in, it's still a legal shot.

8-Ball Rule #2: Call the 8-Ball

And second it's extremely important to make sure that you call the eight-ball, because if you fail to call the eight ball they can call a foul on you and you will loose the game. Eight-ball in the side.

8-Ball Rule #3: Fouls and Opponents

And finally, any time a player commits a foul, the incoming player always gets ball in hand. So for example, if I shoot this ball, and the q-ball ends up scratching, which I'm stopping here, the incoming player, my opponent will now get ball in hand anywhere on the table. You can literally put the q-ball anywhere on the table, doesn't matter where it is. So I would probably end up putting it here and then shooting it into the corner right there.

And those are some of the common rules for eight-ball pool. Thanks for watching and to learn more please visit


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