How to Break an 8-Ball Rack With Power Video
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Video:How to Break an 8-Ball Rack With Power

with Tony Robles

This video demonstrates how to break an 8-Ball rack with power, a good technique to use, when you want to impress your opponents.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Break an 8-Ball Rack With Power

Hi, my name is Tony Robles, here at Amsterdam Billiards for, and I'm going to introduce you to the power break in 8-Ball. And please keep in mind this breaking technique works for any game.

The Arm Break

Okay, so the important thing is to make sure that when you learn the power break, you start off by using your arm only from the elbow down. So you want to make sure you're going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, come back slowly, and then go forward with plenty of speed.

The Power Break

Okay, now that I introduced you to the arm break, now we're going to step it up and work on the power break. Assuming that the cue ball is here, when you first start out with the arm break, what you're doing is making sure that you come back slowly, strike the cue ball and follow through. Follow through is usually going to go about one foot from the starting point, which is here by this line right here. So again, arm break about one foot past the line. Now when you get into the power break and you start to lunge forward with your body, once you become more accurate, now you're going to end up going to half the table width of follow through, which will add about an additional five mile per hour to the break.

Now, once I get into the power break, I'm going to come off my right foot to lunge forward to get additional power. So in order to do that, my timing has to be perfect. I have to make sure that as I'm going forward, everything goes forward at the same time. You don't want to make the mistake of throwing your shoulder---your upper body ahead of your leg, and vice versa.

And that was a basic introduction to the power break. Thanks for watching. For more information, please visit



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