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Video:How to Aim the Cue Ball in Pool

with Tony Robles

The art of aiming at the cue ball can take many techniques, in this video, learn how to perfect your aim with these two easy methods.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Aim the Cue Ball in Pool

Hi, my name is Tony Robles, here at Amsterdam Billiards for, and today I'm going to introduce you to aiming with the cue ball.

In the years that I've gone to bars, and I've noticed one thing that I see a lot of players make, and it's a huge mistake. What they do is they take their cue stick and they line up their shot by putting the cue stick right by where the contact point is on the object ball.

Cue Ball Technique #1: The Ghost Ball

Use a method called the “ghost ball method.” And the way the ghost ball method works is you take another object ball (and it's usually a better idea to practice with a friend or partner)--what you do is you put the object ball next to the ball that you are shooting, line both balls in a straight line to the center of the pocket, put the cue ball wherever you want to shoot from. Once I get down in my stance, all I simply do is line up the center of the cue ball to the center of the ghost ball. And right when I'm about to shoot, I have my partner or friend remove that, so that way it literally becomes a ghost ball. And the cue ball then replaces it, and pockets the ball straight to the center of the pocket. And that's how the ghost ball aiming technique works.

Cue Ball Technique #2: Dead Straight Line

This is a simple drill I give to all my students on aiming. I tell them to put balls right in front of the pocket, two in front of this side, two in front of the corner, you can even put two more on the other corner pockets. And I tell them to put a ghost ball in front of the ball, put the cue ball anywhere they like. If you happen to put it here where they all line up in a dead straight line, avoid hitting the ball dead square. Because if you hit the ball right on the button, the cue ball will follow that ball into the pocket and scratch.So the best advice that I can give you for this particular shot is to make sure that when you set up the ghost ball, you set it up so that you are hitting the side of the ball, therefore creating an angle to go away from the pocket once the ball has been struck.So this is your ghost ball, you do your stance, get into it, be ready to shoot, remove the ball...and let her rip.

And this was just a basic intro to aiming. Thanks for watching and for more information, please visit

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