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Video:Mountain Bike Sizing Tips

with Bob Copeland

Find the right mountain bike size to ensure comfort and safety while riding. Here are some tips on how to find the right mountain bike size.See Transcript

Transcript:Mountain Bike Sizing Tips

Hi, I'm Bob Copeland with Bike Source in Denver, Colorado and Today I'm going to share with you how to find the right mountain bike size.

General Tips for Finding the Right Mountain Bike Size

Most of the vending companies -- the bike companies -- are going to offer sizing charts. So you'll be able to tell what size a 5-foot-8 person should be riding when we're looking at a mountain bike. That's a good starting point.Beyond that, you'll want to define what your experience is out there. I'm not talking about whether you'll be the fastest guy out there. But are you going to be downhill riding, are you going to be cross-country riding? Maybe you're going to be a little bit in between –- an all-mountain rider. All these things are going to define what size bike you're going to get into.

Specifics to Consider When Finding the Right Mountain Bike Size

The finer points of finding the right bike size are really related to first, your saddle height. When you're adjusting your saddle height, it's best to have someone help you out. They use special tools to help you measure these. Your saddle height is typically going to be about 30 degrees on an angle. That's measured from your ankle to your knee to your hip. Those are the basic points there.The other thing that you're going to look is the reach of the bike. The reach on a mountain bike is a little bit harder to tell because your experience from downhill to cross country is going to change that. On a cross-country bike, you're typically going to go for a very neutral setting. So your rider position is going to be around 90 degrees from your wrist to your shoulders to your hips. Gravity (downhill) bikes like this one are going to be much different than that, though. It's probably going to be a little bit shorter. Your saddle height is not even going to be a relative factor, because your bike is meant for going downhill. You need that bike out of the way to keep you in control.Thanks for watching. To learn more about this, join us on the Web at

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