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Video:Enhance Exercise Bike Workout

with Bob Copeland

Enhance an exercise bike workout to build endurance, strength and power right in your home. Here are five moves to enhance an exercise bike workout.See Transcript

Transcript:Enhance Exercise Bike Workout

Hi, I'm Bob Copeland with Bike Source in Denver, Colorado and BikeSourceOnline.com. I'm here to talk to you today about five moves to enhance your exercise bike workout.

This can be done on either an indoor training bike, spin bike, or an exercise bike.

Try Long Distances at Slow Speeds to Enhance an Exercise Bike Workout

Some of these five moves that can really enhance your exercise bike workout are going to be try riding -- in the winter time especially -- long distances at a slow rate of speed. Hop on that trainer, get on it, and just ride this thing for an hour or two hours but not at a real hard intensity. Just have fun on it.

Alternate Legs to Enhance an Exercise Bike Workout

Number two, alternate your legs. Try riding maybe five minutes at a time with your left leg with your right leg out, and then switch over and try that with your right leg. Ride five minutes on that side. It's definitely going to increase the power that each leg is able to put out.

Increase Tempo or Set Up Intervals to Enhance an Exercise Bike Workout

Another one is increasing your cadence or tempo. Increasing your cadence is going to be a great way for you to find out how your heart is going to handle fast speeds on the bike.

Another great move for your indoor workout is setting up intervals. Intervals are really great, but they should really be balanced out. So for example, you might go for five minutes as hard as possible on the bike and then let yourself rest for a couple of minutes. And then get back onto it and do another interval. If five minutes is too long, you can definitely decrease the time. Maybe try a minute, and then rest for a minute, and then go hard for another minute. You'll definitely have to play around with this one for a minute to see what's going to work best for you.

Stand Up While Peddling to Enhance an Exercise Bike Workout

And the last one we'll talk about is standing up while peddling. This is a really great way to work out your core, so when you're ready to get out onto the road, you're going to have a fantastic time out there.

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