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Video:Types of German Beer

with Jason Smiles

German beer is brewed under a cultural tradition. Learn about the types of German beers and the characteristics of the most popular. Prost!See Transcript

Transcript:Types of German Beer

This is Jason Smiles and you're watching Today I'm going to give you some advice on picking out German beers.

German Beer is Brewed Under the Purity Law

One thing to keep in mind while picking out German beers is that German beers are made everywhere. However, beers made from Germany follow very strict law, called the purity law, which means that only four ingredients may be used in their production: Barley Malt, Hops, Yeast, Water. And that's it. In general, German beers range from mild to bold flavor, minimal aftertaste and light to no hop. Many towns in Germany have a specific beer associated with it. Today, we'll be discussing a few of the major types of German beer.

Popular German Beers Include:

  • Kölsch -  the palest of the German beer styles. Light, refreshing, straightforward in flavor.

  • Pilsner - Pilsner is the most successful style of beer in the World. Nine out of ten beers drank are made or made to embody the Pilsner style of beer in Germany. Slightly hopped, very malty, very refreshing.

  • Hefe Weizen - translated in English into yeast wheat, made with 50% wheat according to German tradition. Little to no hops, very light refreshing ale, served perfectly with a slice of citrus, orange, sometimes other fruits or berries can be used with it.

  • Dunkel - Dark lager, moderately hopped with strong malt. Dunkel is also used as a word to describe a darker version of another beer. For instance, Dunkel Weisse translates into dark wheat.

German beer is a large part of German culture so take in all the flavors that make German beer so good. For more information, visit I'll see you next time. Prost!
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