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Video:How to Fold a Quilt

with Amanda Sullivan

Folding a quilt can keep it clean and neat for storage. Watch this video for instructions on how to fold a quilt.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Fold a Quilt

Hi, I'm Amanda Sullivan with, and I'm here for to show you how to fold a quilt. 

Fold a Quilt Using the Corners

So, when you're folding a quilt, the first thing you want to do is find all four corners. So, this one is scalloped, so it's a little different but the same concept applies. So, I'm going to look for the other side.   So, here's another corner and another, and match them all up, and then you're going to look for the middle. Match it up, shake it to get all of the bumps out and you're going to fold it in half again. And at this point, I would fold it in half again, but then you have to think about what size space you have in your linen closet. 

Roll a Quilt for Tight Spaces

You can either do it like this, if you have that kind of space, or in half again to make it skinnier, but then what some people like to do that I find very helpful is roll it. So what you'd do then is lay it down where it's like this and roll, roll as tight as you can, and then you'll want some kind of a string or twine -- this way you can store a whole bunch of quilts or even if you have sleeping bags, because they're this way and put it at the back of your closet. And it's a nice, neat, little bundle, you can stack them up like logs in the back of your linen closet. 

And, that's a couple of different ways to fold a quilt. For more information, go to

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